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Sarango Landscaping and Tree Removal offers outdoor ponds, water features, water gardens, water fountains, and waterfalls installation services in Branford, CT and surrounding towns of New Haven County. We design, install, and maintain various water elements in outdoor spaces. Here’s a brief explanation of each:

  1. Outdoor Ponds:
    • These are artificial bodies of water created in outdoor settings.
    • Ponds can vary in size and depth and may contain aquatic plants, fish, and other water organisms.
    • Installation services include excavation, lining, and the incorporation of filtration and circulation systems.
  2. Water Features:
    • Water features encompass a broad range of decorative water elements such as cascading water walls, water jets, or decorative sculptures with water elements.
    • Installation services involve designing and installing these features to enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces.
  3. Water Gardens:
    • A water garden is a type of garden where aquatic plants and often fish are cultivated.
    • Installation services for water gardens include designing the layout, selecting appropriate plants, and integrating filtration systems.
  4. Water Fountains:
    • Fountains are structures that release water into the air in a decorative or dramatic manner.
    • Installation services involve setting up the fountain, connecting it to a water source, and ensuring proper water circulation.
  5. Waterfalls:
    • Waterfalls involve the creation of cascading water over rocks or other structures, mimicking a natural waterfall.
    • Installation services for waterfalls include designing the structure, creating the appropriate elevation, and establishing a water flow system.

Installation Services for Outdoor Ponds & Water Features in Branford, CT Include Several Steps:

  • Design Consultation: Understanding the client’s preferences, space constraints, and budget to create a customized plan.
  • Site Preparation: Excavation, if necessary, and preparation of the site for the installation.
  • Construction and Installation: Building the necessary structures, laying foundations, and setting up the water elements according to the design plan.
  • Integration of Systems: Installing filtration, circulation, and lighting systems to ensure the functionality and aesthetics of the water feature.
  • Maintenance Services: Some providers also offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure the longevity and proper functioning of the installed features.

Sarango Landscaping and Tree Removal are landscaping and water feature specialists in Branford, CT who have expertise in both design and engineering aspects related to outdoor water installations. Contact us today at (203) 430-8650 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate! You can click the following link to view our 5-star Google Reviews.

Our Service Areas:

Sarango Landscaping and Tree Removal service the following an surrounding towns of; West Haven, East Haven, Woodbridge, Hamden, Orange, Branford, North Haven, Ansonia, Derby, North Branford, Shelton, Milford, Seymour, Oxford, Guilford and beyond!