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At Sarango Landscaping & Construction, we believe that very property is unique and every client is important. Choosing the best New Haven landscaping and design company to is very important step in the process in reconstructing your property. Our New Haven, Connecticut custom landscape design team have many years of experience and possess professionally developed skills in all aspects of landscape design and maintenance. We manage all stages of the project, from the pre-design phase through construction and installation. We use the latest in design technology and green building practices, enabling us to be on the forefront of innovation. Let us turn your dreams into a beautiful and practical landscape environment – one that you will enjoy for years to come.

Our commercial and residential landscaping design and maintenance services include:

Lawn Renovations
The Sarango Landscaping & Construction crew are experts in bringing new life to a lawn damaged lawn that is in need of repair. Our lawn renovation services will involve analyzing the health and condition of all outdoor plant life on your property. This will include the grass, soil, planters, shrubs, trees and any other organic plant life you wish to have examined. Our system is very cost effective and delivers consistent quality or we return to make sure that you are happy.

Fertilization of Lawns and Shrubs
Sarango Landscaping & Construction utilizes a deep fertilization feeding method to deliver crucial nutrients into the roots of your grass and shrubs. The goal is to develop the feeder roots that are vital to helping your grass, plants, and shrubs survive during periods of stress they experience during the harsh weather of the changing seasons. A healthy plant needs a healthy root system to survive and it is recommended that that fertilization should be performed twice per year, during the spring and fall seasons.

Spring Cleanup Services
Spring is a time of revitalization for your property from the long and harsh Connecticut Winter. You can contact the Sarango Landscaping & Construction to perform extensive cleanup services and you will be rewarded with a healthier and more vigorous landscape throughout the year. Our spring clean-up service is the process of removing all leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated over the course of the winter season throughout your property and landscape beds and hauling away the debris from your property.

Fall Cleanup Services
Sarango Landscaping & Construction is dedicated to keeping your landscape visible during the Autumn Season with our fall cleanup services, including leaf collection, leaf removal, gutter cleaning, and hauling services. Along with a final lawn cut for the season, we highly recommend our soil fertilization process during the fall season to give your plants the vital nutrients needs to survive the Winter and flourish during the Spring.

Weekly Lawn Cutting Services
Having your lawn mowed weekly is the best solution to your lawn to avoid problems (diseases) and keep your lawn and property staying in mint condition. Our landscape maintenance division is focused on protecting your property from the ravages of time, weather, and pests. Our weekly lawn cutting services keep your property in top condition while allowing yourself more personal time for more relaxation and fun. Our hard-working landscape professionals take pride in your lawn as if it was one of our own.

Pruning of Trees and Shrubs
Healthy and mature trees are usually the result from proper pruning and care by landscape maintenance professionals. If you want to preserve mature trees and shrubs in your landscape or nurture younger plants to optimal beauty, pruning is an essential practice and Sarango Landscaping & Construction’s main goal is always the health and allurement of your trees. Pruning is also one of the most crucial elements to ensure the safety of your property as well as the health, structure and natural beauty of your trees and shrubs. You can contact Sarango Landscaping & Construction to assist in all of your landscape pruning needs.

Installation of Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials
Trees, shrubs, and perennials balance out every landscape project. They soften the landscape and can provide year-round color. They can also serve as a way to provide privacy to your property from busy streets and neighbors. Shade trees can provide a cool place to escape the summer sun, and evergreens can provide privacy and block cold, prevailing winds in the winter. Sarango Landscaping & Construction brings experienced knowledge to spacing and installing all species of trees, shrubs and perennials to ensure a beautiful landscape for years to come. We’re also skilled in properly maintaining them so you know they will continue to grow and look beautiful for years to come.

Irrigation Installation Services
An automatic sprinkler system is a home improvement project worth considering. Not only will it help maintain a healthy beautiful landscape which you can enjoy with your friends and family, but it’s the most convenient and efficient way to ensure your landscape gets the water it needs without over-or under-watering. When the Sprinkler system is properly installed and maintained an automatic sprinkler system helps conserve water.

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